Mental health & our society

About a month ago I watched a video of Pakistan’s famous actress ‘Saba qamar’, in the video she talks about mental health and our mistreatment for each other. As far as I know her she has never been shy away from the realities of life. The actress has always been very outspoken and honest ofContinue reading “Mental health & our society”

Mental health & motherhood

For the first 6 years of motherhood, I did not put myself first. Some of you may think how can someone neglect themselves. Trust me, it can happen when you’re a mother. It does happen to many of us. I know I am not alone, as so many mothers I have talked to, tell meContinue reading “Mental health & motherhood”

My experience with ‘selective mutism’

Selective mutism is a type of anxiety disorder that is usually inherited and something that starts in early childhood. It leaves a person in a frozen state when placed in certain social settings, and even communicating with people you have known your entire life can be dreadful. How selective mutism affects people I remember strugglingContinue reading “My experience with ‘selective mutism’”