Mental health & our society

About a month ago I watched a video of Pakistan’s famous actress ‘Saba qamar’, in the video she talks about mental health and our mistreatment for each other. As far as I know her she has never been shy away from the realities of life. The actress has always been very outspoken and honest ofContinue reading “Mental health & our society”

Mental health & motherhood

For the first 6 years of motherhood, I did not put myself first. Some of you may think how can someone neglect themselves. Trust me, it can happen when you’re a mother. It does happen to many of us. I know I am not alone, as so many mothers I have talked to, tell meContinue reading “Mental health & motherhood”

My experience with ‘selective mutism’

Selective mutism is a type of anxiety disorder that is usually inherited and something that starts in early childhood. It leaves a person in a frozen state when placed in certain social settings, and even communicating with people you have known your entire life can be dreadful. How selective mutism affects people I remember strugglingContinue reading “My experience with ‘selective mutism’”

Siddhartha (self discovering journey)

What is self discovery? How we can discover ourselves and know our deep down world? Who are we? What is the purpose of our life? These question have been in my mind for many years, and I am finding the answers. Couple of months back I went to a book shop ‘water stone’ and asContinue reading “Siddhartha (self discovering journey)”