Parenting (part 2)

In my last blog on parenting i shared my experience and what kind of behaviour mostly parents show when it comes to parenting.

So, humen actually karna Kya chahey ek good parenting krne k liey? Nothing much! But we Must understand our child, his emotions and feelings first, and most importantly how does a child’s brain works.

Jab ek baby born hota hai usko nhi pta hota k emotions kya hain, cry krna hai ya nhi krna, kab krna hai kab nhi krna, emotions ko control kaisy krna hai etc. The only word he heard is NO. We (parents) or other adults around the baby says 1000’s of time.. cry nahi kro, ye nahi kro wo nahi kro, toy k sath nhi play kro, is cheez ko touch nahi kro us cheez ko touch nahi kro. Bacha all the time ek he word sunta hai aur phir after 2 years jab wo bolne lgta hai to ye no word har waqt uski zuban se niklta hai. Phir wo hmen listen nhi krta sirf usi no ki wja se. We can use different phrases instead of no/nahi. Like: lets play with this toy or what if we use this soft toy etc, lets go somewhere else, if he is crying to uski attention kisi aur tarf lga den, this is the best way to do in my experience. If he is stubborn try to make him calm and don’t tell/show him that he’s being stubborn. Is trha us ka dehan isi per rahy ga k mere parents annoy hoty hain and wo aur stubborn hoga and power feel kre ga. these tips and tricks you can use on 3/4 year old child.

Yes baby does cry, sometimes all the time sometimes at mid of the night, yes i know it is really hard to do house chores cook food and look after a baby. I’m a mum too so mujhe is struggle ka idea hai. But humen kuch aisay tips and tricks learn krne hain jo hmare bachy ki achi parenting mey help kr skty hain. Mene Khud boht kuch learn Kia aur usko implement kr k dekha aur mere liey kafi kuch easy ho gya. But first thing first, we don’t need to get stressed out. Is world main koi bhe perfect parenting nhi kr ska kabi 🙂 bs hum as a parent apna best kr skty hain.

Time & effort. The 2 most important things jahan se parenting start hoti hai aur yaheen pe khatm hoti hai. Hmare baby/child ko time chahey, usko feed krna, dress up krna, toys de dena doesn’t mean k hum usko time de rhy hain. Bachy ko chahy 15/20 minutes time den but wo time sirf bachy aur parent ka hona chahey. And let me add here parent means mum and dad. Jab bhe apne kam se free hon apne baby/child se baaten krna play krna pyar krna, isko kehty hain time dena. Agr apka child above 3 or 4 years hai to bhe uski needs ko dekh kr usey time dena boht zarori hai. Effort: agr hum apne bachy mey discipline dekhna chahty hain us mey achi adaten acha behaviour develop krna chahty hain to uske bhe humen usko time dena hai and effort krni hai. And we should learn how to coaching not controlling.

It’s my personal experience, bachy controlling behaviour se kabhi theek nhi hoty. Time and effort is everything. As Jordan Peterson says: 0-5 years of your child’s life is everything you have got, and if you miss it, it’s gone. If you miss it you will regret. And it happens to me with my 1st child. I wasn’t aware the potential of a good parenting and basic tips and tricks. So when she was 5 1/2 I started implementing whatever I was learning for discipline the children. It took my 200% effort as compared to my other kids who were younger than her.

Here i would recommend a book The whole brain child. In this book the author briefly explained how to integrate a child’s left and right brain. As we all know our left brain loves and desired order, it is logical , it likes words. The right brain sends and receives signals that allow us to communicate such as facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice etc. So when you are spending quality time with your child, keep this in your mind and try to communicate with him as much as you can so you can understand him.

This book will help you a lot.

I would like to see your comments below what do you like in my blog? Or what I should improve. Good luck to all mums and dads with their parenting journey. If you want to discuss something, ask me in the comments below we,ll have a discussion and I’ll be happy to help you.

Love and light always ❤️

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