Mental health & our society

About a month ago I watched a video of Pakistan’s famous actress ‘Saba qamar’, in the video she talks about mental health and our mistreatment for each other.

As far as I know her she has never been shy away from the realities of life. The actress has always been very outspoken and honest of all the struggles she has faced during her career.

The video sheds the light on metal health and the power of words, whether they are directed at someone’s physical attributes, personality, reputation, marital status and how your words can make someone’s life a living hell.

Why do we say! Iska rang dekho kesa hy! Kitni moti hai yeh is sey shaadi kon kare ga! Iske to Daant (teeth) bahir nikle huy hain! Haw! isne talaq le li, lagta hy kisi aur k saath kharab hogi isliey shohar ne chor dia. Shadi ko itne saal ho gae bacha nhi hua abhi tak? Lagta hy banjh (infecund) hai. Ajeeb maa baap hain beti ki shadi nhi ki abhi tak lgta hai kamai khani hai uski. Aur aisi hazaron baaten.

When we will regard human beings as human beings? Kab hum insan ko insan smjhen gay? Why do we discuss someone’s appearance? Why do we discuss if someone’s daughter having an affair with anyone! Or someone’s son is earning money or taking drugs outside? Why do we look at someone as they are lesser beings? Why??

Have you ever thought how one phrase, one sentence, one troll can ruin someone’s entire life? Why do we interfere in their private lives?

And if we talk about mental health. According to Pakistan psychiatric research centre over 15 million people in Pakistan are suffering from some form of mental illness. But for a population of 220 million, only 400 trained psychiatric exist. In Pakistan mental health problem is a taboo subject that is not even discussed about. It is common to approach spiritual or traditional healers instead of seeking counselling or discuss the problem with someone. It is very common in Pakistan, and People who consume traditional healer services or their resources are usually considered deprived or uneducated.

People in our society have been silencing the mental health talk for one reason or another since time immemorial. When recognising mental health issues as a concern, the greater part of the community always seems to be in the denial mode.

Mental health problem in our society is a big topic, but in the end I would say we don’t need to put much effort but just to stop 🛑 discussing and labelling someone’s personality and their lives. Even if they are your neighbours, relatives, family members or even siblings. Try to open your mind and heart. Live and let live peacefully.

Love and light always. 💚

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Mum, freelancer, independent woman, love reading and learning something new everyday 😊 Mindful living

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