Siddhartha (self discovering journey)

What is self discovery? How we can discover ourselves and know our deep down world? Who are we? What is the purpose of our life?

These question have been in my mind for many years, and I am finding the answers.

Couple of months back I went to a book shop ‘water stone’ and as always I walked around to look for self help or self discovery section and I came across this book. I have heard about Gotham Buddha and his teachings but not in details. I picked up the book and bought it.

After finishing the book, I must say I could read this book again and again and I’ll never be bored or tired.

I’ll share with you couple of lessons this book has taught me.

Many people says ‘destiny’ is already written. Yes! It may already written but who’s going to search for it? Who’s going to find out? If we’ll just sit and wait for what will happen next day (as its already written) nothing will happen. We’ll wake up next morning, sit and wait, and sleep when it’s night.

Siddhartha.. a beautiful character of this book, a Brahman’s boy, who was not interested in his father’s teaching at all. He was not interested to be a priest. He was looking for something even he wasn’t sure what it is. So he left.. his home.. and stared his self discovering journey. Where he met Gotham Buddha, he followed his teachings and left. But at the end he Finally found what he was looking for. The enlightenment.

Only Praying, fasting, will never tells you who you are, but yes. it teaches you the manners of praying. But opening your heart, travelling within yourself, and then praying, fasting, loosing oneself, sacrificing will take you where you Want to be. Practicing and effort of knowledge or knowing about whatever you are searching for, would take you to your destiny. It would fall you apart, it would take your relations, it would detach your attachments.

But, if you hold on to them and never let go, you will fail. You will never find the meaning of your life.

How many of you are having the same questions in your mind? How many of you are searching for it’s answers? I would love to hear from you and we will discuss more about it as life is all about learning.

And I’ll continue my journey..

Love and light always 💛

Published by kaynatumair

Mum, freelancer, independent woman, love reading and learning something new everyday 😊 Mindful living

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