Book review ‘The other wife’ by Claire McGowan

Suzi, a girl, full of life, living in London, did a bad thing.

She moved in a country side outside the city with her jealous and controlling husband nick.

He knew what she has been up to, he has full control over her, spying on her, trying to make her mentally sick.

Suzi’s life has changed when Nora moved into the only house nearby. Suzi felt delighted to have a friend. So much to tell Nora her terrible secrets. But… she already knew what suzi did.

Caught up in their own secrets and lies, these strangers had realised they have more in common that they have ever imagined. Their lives will never be the same again.

My thoughts

It’s a good read I must say. I never feel bored while reading it. Many twists in the story, I always found something surprising and curiosity of what will happen next.

The way the author described the characters, their feelings, their lifestyle, thoughts and even every move of them, is incredible.

And the lesson I learnt from this novel that you can never run away from your sins. It will stay with you like your shadow. Unless you realise that you have done something wrong and try to change yourself. But if you will keep repeating those mistakes, you will be stuck in your own trap.

I’ll definitely recommend this novel to those who love a good read.

Stay safe, be happy

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